Retail Marketing


Trade Marketing is a discipline of marketing that relates to increasing the demand at the wholesaler, retailer, or distributor level rather than at the consumer end. Trade marketing goes hand in hand with brand marketing activities which are aimed directly at end consumer.

Trade marketing is an effective way of engaging customers in creating meaningful brand impressions for end consumers. Every channel within the trade segment has a peculiar role in pushing the brand’s sales while also creating memorable and impact shopper experience. Marketing spend done in various channels is often more targeted and creates better ROI. Our experienced trade marketing teams work closely with your internal staff to widen product communication that will carry your message effectively to all your customers. Whether you are small niche brand or an industry leader in Pakistan, Outreach can be helpful in many ways for its clients in design, development and execution of various trade marketing activities.

Consumer Promotions Executions

Consumer promotions have both strategic and tactical objectives. They help is lifting the product shelf off take in a short duration while also creating long term brand image enhancement. Field execution requires lot of feet on the ground. That is where Outreach marketing steps in for providing and managing trained field force which gives the advantage of consistent execution across various territories with speed and accuracy.

In store Merchandising Programs

Outreach marketing has extensive experience in designing and executing impactful In store merchandising programs for top tier MNCs and local FMCG companies. We have a pool of large number of trained resource with multi industry and product category experience. Their working is being complimented by modern merchandising apps which serve the purpose of tracking real time performance and also creating meaningful insights. Team works on the principles of disciplined Journey Plans, outlet visit frequency and drives KPIs like availability, Visibility, shelf space management, Out of stocks reductions, etc.

Retail Loyalty / Advocacy Programs

Retail trade is getting more complex, shelf space is getting expensive, and shopper is becoming choosier while trader is taking more control in his hand. In order to have meaningful engagement with retailers, companies turning to many innovative retail / trade loyalty and advocacy programs. For many consumers a strong word of mouth for a particular brand makes the purchase decision easy for the consumer.

Outreach is a trusted partner in design and execution of various short term and long term trade loyalty programs as well as audit of trade programs. Programs are executed with trained field force who understand the psyche of retailer and are good at engaging them. Real time reports, audio and picture proofs are shared with clients while upholding strict quality measures.

Trade Audits / Mystery Shopping Programs

Companies spend a great deal of budget in trade execution and various type of promotional and loyalty programs. On one hand, these programs require excellent execution while companies also need independent 3rd parties to audit and check the efficacy, quality of execution and tracking. Outreach Marketing can provide all these services under one roof, in a professional manner with full technology enablement.
We can be your choice for:

  • Perfect Execution tracking
  • Trade loyalty programs monitoring
  • Assets/ Merchandising material Track & Traceability
  • Retail Census
  • Back checks

Trade Research

Collecting data, converting to insights which eventually help in taking right decisions are elements of any research. Trade and shopper are both important for any marketer to better understand and customize various activities of brand launch, in store merchandising, loyalty programs implementation. Having extensive experience of field management Outreach Marketing can provide accurate and meaningful insights to its clients in following areas:

  • Retail shop analysis & data mining
  • Space & Category management
  • Retailer Advocacy
  • Shop Along