Fire Pump Testing

Fire Pump Testing

Fire Pump Testing: The most important single equipment for firefighters

A fire pump is an equipment that connects a fire sprinkler with a water reservoir. Its job is to supply adequate water to contain the fire. No matter how much water you have or using a new sprinkler, if the fire pump is not working properly, you may not contain the fire. That is the reason fire pump testing is so vital. Ideally, it should be done once a year.

How to do fire pump testing

You cannot do testing of these sensitive systems on your own. You need to call a testing company for this purpose. TheThe professionals will close the main control valve to test the system. During testing, usually, the system is started manually. There is a start button on the pump controller, which is used for this purpose. The fire pump testing experts judge the flow of water. If the flow is not sufficient, they will do the necessary repair.

Power supply testing is also vital.

Fire pump testing is not all about testing the pressure and flow. Experts also check various other things like the power supply, which is used to operate the pump. Most of the pumps use electricity as a power source. But some are diesel engine driven as well. The size of the pump can be 50 psi or 125 psi, depending on the use. There is no hard and fast rule to determine the size of the pump.

Acceptance testing

If you have installed a new pump, acceptance testing is a must. The fire pump controller unit is also tested when a new pump is installed. During the first test, the pump should be tested for almost an hour. However, only experts decide the duration and testing points. Moreover, make sure all the testing is done safely. Take all the necessary safety measures to conduct all kinds of testing in a safe environment.

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