Fire Escape Assemblies

Fire Escape Assemblies – What Makes Them Critical?


Fire turns out to be an unfortunate accident that none can foresee. It is one of the critical hazards that can take place within a premise. Fire can break out at anytime, anywhere, and affects everyone present in the vicinity.

One of the most vital components of any large structure or building’s fire escape plan is a fire escape assembly. Marked and well-designed fire escape assemblies allow occupants to quickly locate the fire exits’, utilizing them safely helps save lives, ensuring the building passes all of its inspections and tests promptly.

It is therefore important for any commercial or residential building to have appropriate fire escape signs and assemblies installed at proper places. If there is a fire on the premises, any staff or visitors who may not be aware of the building’s layout will be able to see proper signs, follow them to reach out to a safe location even without power or in smoke.


A key aspect of any evacuation is to choose a proper assembly escape point. Hence, it requires a professional service to go about this. With the help of a certified fire protection service, you can ensure:

Fire escape assemblies are placed in large open areas, which are big enough to safely accommodate everyone out of the premises

A backup assembly point must also be established in case the primary point cannot be used for whatever reason

The fire escape point must be at least 50 feet away from the premises – this is for additional safety purposes, in case the building collapses

The assembly point must be quickly reachable

The meeting points must not obstruct the emergency services

It is crucial to have a clear, informative evacuation plan for your staff and even for the visitors. The staff must be well-informed about the procedures required to assist others with their evacuation, ensuring no one gets lost or confused when it’s time to evacuate.

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