Fire escape assemblies repair

Fire escape assemblies repair: How to check if repair is required

Fire is one of the most dangerous hazards. Homeowners and building management always have an emergency exit in case of fire. It is not about the single exit door only. In large buildings, there is a fire escape assembly point on every floor. These assembly points can be outside the building but inside as well. But they are separate from the main areas.

They are not regularly used, so that these assembly points may get damage. Iron parts get rusted, and railings are not properly fixed. There can be many issues according to the material used for making these assembly points. You may need fire escape assemblies repair, and you must get it as soon as possible. Residents of the building and every house must have a reliable fire escape assembly. However, many building owners have no idea if they need repair or not.

Check the stability of the assembly.

You should call us to check if the assembly point is sable enough. Depending on the number of residents living on a particular floor, the assembly point should support all of them in an ideal situation. Our engineer will check the platform, all the hinges, and joints and do fire escape assemblies repair accordingly.

Have a look at paint and rust

If iron parts are rusting and assembly needs new paint, you must not avoid this. Scrape all the rust and peel old paint. The assembly should appear reliable to the residents. If it looks old and rusty, people will be scare of using it.

Regular maintenance of fire escape assemblies repair

Every building management should ensure regular maintenance and fire escape assemblies repair. Tightening the bolt and greasing hinges may keep it in good shape for long. Regular maintenance will take very little money and provide you safety in case of an emergency.

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