Emergency power generator

Emergency Power Generator

Emergency power generators are very useful devices installed in your buildings to supply you with electrical power in case if the main power is lost. They are a power backup source for you and are not used regularly, but they need regular maintenance and check-ups, which we are pleased to do for you.

There are few components of the generator that are working efficiently to generate power for you, and hence they need to be checked and maintained. These are exhaust and the inlet for air. The air is drawn in the radiator by an exhaust fan which cools the engine providing the air for combustion. This air circulates within the generator and is thrown out of the generator body through exhaust silencers. So, in case if you need to maintain any of your already installed generators or wanted the installation of a generator, we are ready to help you with our specialty in emergency generators and battery systems.

Types of power generators

Exclusively there are two types of power generators these are standby generators and portable generators. Standby generators are permanently fixed at your house or building and are regulated to start up automatically in case if your main power is lost. A portable generator is, on the other hand, has wheels with them and can be transported from one place to another stop. They are started with you in need of extra power or for your power supply is lost. There is a small limitation with a portable electric generator that they provide limited power as compared to a standby generator.


What is the need for an emergency power generator?

So, the question arises why would you need an emergency power generator if you have a 24 hour supply of electricity in your area. If you are operating a large building, then you cannot afford a power failure even for a single hour. As all our home appliances run on electricity, including our cell phones, we can never afford a case of power failure. Also, it becomes quite unsafe in the dark with your electrical supply being cut off.

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