Elevator Phase I and Phase II

What Does Elevator Phase I and Phase II Signify?

Elevators offer quick access to upper and lower floors using an elevator car. These cars generally vary in size, with nearly all the elevators having a larger elevator than others to provide enough space for large items that could be moved up and down.

Elevators generally work by a passenger requesting the car to their desired floor. The elevator reaches the floor, the doors open; the passenger enters and picks their desired floor. The door closes and the elevator proceeds, stopping by other floors for additional passengers. This is how a ‘normal’ elevator operates on any premises.

As it goes with anything else, proper use and practice lead to success. An unfortunate fire event must never be the first time you consider taking control of the elevator. Therefore, it is imperative to learn what Elevator Phase I and Phase II Signify.

During an emergency, these elevators can go into three different operation phases:

Elevator Phase I – In this phase, the elevator cars are being called to the main floor. An elevator key is inserted, which should be available at a pre-designated location in the building, into the fire control panel located by the elevators, and turned to ‘On.’ This will make all the cars reach the main floor. Always remember that the cars will not stop on any floors; this is more like a non-stop, one-way trip to the main floor.

Elevator Phase II – Phase II includes manual use of the elevator cars by the fire service professionals. The approach is similar to Phase I, but in Phase II, they take out the fire service key and enter the car. The next step is to unlock the fire service panel and insert the key, which allows them to manually control the elevator. Once inserted and turned, the firefighter will be managing all of the car’s operations at the panel. Select the desired floor, ensure to hold the ‘closed door’ button. Once you reach the desired floor, hold the ‘Open door’ button until the elevator doors open up.

Elevator Phase III – In Phase III, the car has been recalled to the floor other than the main floor. This is because the alarm system has been activated on the main floor and it prevents civilians from exiting the elevator on a fire floor.

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