Combined standpipes

Combined Standpipes

With many fire sprinklers, there are standpipes available which are collectively called combined standpipes. A combined standpipe is a combination of a standpipe system that supplies water to both hose pipes and automatic fire sprinklers. In combines standpipe, we have two options. It can either be a manual or an automatic system. In automatic fire sprinkler systems, the water level and pressure are automatically adjusted according to the need of the fire sprinkler system.

Manual Fire Sprinkler System

In the case of a manual fire sprinkler system, the water supply is made to meet the demand of the fire sprinkler system, but the pressure and flow of water have to be maintained manually. Combined standpipes are specifically needed for the coverage of large buildings that are usually multi-story. In combined standpipes, the hose is the most important part of the standpipe connection. The hose is essential to maintain the required pressure and flow of the water desired by the automatic fire sprinkler system.

The specialty of combined standpipe

Combined standpipe systems do not have any specifications with the height of buildings, so they are the perfect choice along with your automatic fire sprinklers to provide you with the best fire extinguishing facilities. In case if you are installing a wet standpipe connection, then it means that you have to rely on the pump for the pressure and flow of water. Standpipes combined systems are better in the case of a mid-rise building or a multi-storey building.

There is a huge difference if you are working with the single automatic fire sprinkler system and with an automatic fire sprinkler system plus combined standpipes adds to its fire security. With impact fire services, you can keep your fire alarm security system well maintained. Our team of professionals and technicians is ready to help you only at a distance of a phone call.

In case any sort of problem is detected with your fire alarm system you can contact us and ask help from our experts and technicians. We not only work with new but also old already installed fire extinguishing systems and with standpipe connections of all sorts.

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