Class II standpipe

Class II standpipe

Standpipe hose systems are a source of manual Class II extinguishers. They are pipes that provide water for extinguishing fire but cannot take the place of automatic fire sprinklers. Standpipes are good for small homes and small buildings but cannot operate well with large areas and buildings as they are a temporary solution, and the fire extinguishing process needs to be done manually with them. For operating standpipes, we always need a professional trainer.

Working of class II standpipes

Class II standpipes one and a half inch hose to supply water for the usage of extinguishing the fire. Class II standpipes need to be typically used by a trained professional or someone from the fire extinguishing department as an initial response to the fire. In class II standpipes, the hose is secured with a rack and at one end and is connected with the nozzle at the other end, which is used to throw water. It is always good to have a manual Class II extinguisher system for the case of emergencies, along with an automatic fire spring sprinkler system installed to increase the fire protection of your building.

Impact fire services have the full quality trained staff to help you in connecting the alarm system and detecting any issues in your fire alarm system so that you would be able to approach your standpipes just in case if you have an emergency fire case in your building. Any problem with your manual Class II extinguishing system and Impact fire services are here to help you. We not only provide quality installation but also repairing of your already installed Class II extinguisher system rather it be an automatic Class II extinguisher system for standpipes.

We are a team of skilled professionals and technicians to help you in the installation and use of the process of your Class II fire extinguisher. We deal with all classes of standpipes; rather, it is typically one, two, or three.

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