Central station testing

Central Station Testing

A central station is defined as an area that has fire alarm receptors installed so that it receives an alarm from any property. There are experts working in Central station that take appropriate actions for resolving the fire issues and saving the destined building. When you get fire alarms installed by a certain to come to leave, they make your fire automated to their own Central station so that whenever your fire alarm rings in case of emergency, the company would get the notice and would help you in the fire extinguishing process and saving your property.

What are we offering?

Similarly, we AHS Fire Protection have made connections with the local panel so that we can monitor your fire alarm systems throughout our central stations and help to control your fire sprinkler working in the fire extinguishing process. We have a team of tested professionals to work for extinguishing the fire and regulating your fire alarm systems. We are a reliable company working 24/7 to make sure that your buildings are protected from natural and artificial hazards like fire. Fire alarm systems installed by us and our specialized technicians would help to perform manual instructions of your fire alarm systems and only or monthly basis to ensure that your property is secure.

Functions of a Central Station

Central stations are not a self-dependent unit; rather, they are regulated by inspection companies that regulate their functioning. Southern fire protection Inc. is one of the recognized Central fire stations certified by inspection companies. Central stations do not only help you but also inform the emergency departments like the fire brigade and rescue departments to reach your building for help in case of sudden fire, excess heat, or smoke. Not only that, but they also help in controlling a false alarm.

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